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Carrot Sublime

Sauce, gravy, condiment, breakfast, soup or side. Serve over animal-free eggs, meats, cheeses and veggies! Sublime is fine, subtle, elegant, just for you my toothless lovelies!

These are great restaurant dishes!

Makes approx. 3 cups

3 lbs. fresh carrots – wash, cut off ends and discard, peel, cut into thick chunks or strips



1 c. water carrots were cooked in

1 T. extra virgin olive oil

1 t. dry mustard

1 t. smoked paprika

1/2 t. ground sage

1 t. granulated sugar

fresh grind black pepper

1 t. guar gum powder

1- In large saucepan place carrots, cover with water by 1 inch, salt like pasta water.

2- Bring to boil, then simmer, covered, till soft but still formed.

3- Remove from heat and cool at room temperature or refrigerate in the cooking water and bring to room temperature when ready to use.

4- Lift cooked carrots from water and place in blender container.

5- Add 1 c. cooking water and pulse, then blend till smooth.

6- Add olive oil, dry mustard, smoked paprika, sage, sugar, black pepper. Blend till very smooth, pause, then blend again and again till silky.

7- Add guar gum powder, lift a little carrot puree over the powder, then cover and pulse till evenly dispersed. Now pulse on high and keep on high till silky thick, pausing to prevent overheating the unit.

8- Let rest 20 minutes, then pulse and blend again. Salt to taste if needed, blend and set aside a few minutes.

9- Transfer to covered jar or container and refrigerate till ready to use.

Okay, so the carrots are a bit hairy. Wash, scrub, peel, cut ends off and they’re like new. If you see or smell mold on any produce, refuse to use. These were good to go.

Spoon a little heated CARROT SUBLIME on a plate. Top with a microwaved JUST EGG OMELETTE. Top that with more CARROT SUBLIME. Garnish with sweet red roasted peppers (I used marinated peppers this time, because that’s all I had. For the toothless use sweet red roasted peppers that don’t have the skin on them). Shoot with a little dried dill weed. Drizzle a few drops of extra virgin olive oil over all and you are in JUST EGG CARROT HEAVEN!

A perfect animal-free egg product for the Toothless. Texture, flavor, color all great. I prefer to thaw in the refrigerator first, then toast or microwave as I want one. The microwaved version produces a softer egg product. Toasted is great too, especially when using in a sandwich.

It textures like an omelette!

Make this a staple in your freezer – the finest eggless egg in the world today. And what could be quicker and easier than toast? But it doesn’t texture like toast. Plus it holds up well, meaning it doesn’t fall apart easily. Perfection equals miracle in my animal-free culinary world! Give it a try.

You can’t say no to this.

Another use for Carrot Sublime:

Carrot Sublime Mac and Cheese – individual servings – topped with a slice of Creamy Original Chao Cheese, sliced Just Egg toasted omelette strips and sweet red pickled peppers.

1- Cook up some elbow macaroni, adding to the boiling water, salt, turmeric and black pepper to taste. Drain well.

2- Heat a portion of Carrot Sublime, then mix it with a portion of drained macaroni and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Salt to taste.

3- Microwave a square of thawed Just Egg omelette, then cut a portion of it into strips.

4- Top each serving of mixed Carrot Macaroni with a slice of Chao Cheese and microwave till soft and melty.

5- Garnish with the Just Egg strips and sweet marinated marinated peppers.

6- Serve.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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