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Animal-Free Delicacies For The Toothless

you’re not alone

The most discriminated against humans globally, reaching high, low, deep, wide are people without teeth – even if it’s one.

The toothless, whom nobody wants at a party, social or even familial gathering. Sit next to the toothless on the bus or not. Won’t take long to mull that over.

Who could afford a root canal or a crown? Not many, mostly the affluent. Even now, dentists pull teeth rather than insert a cap or crown. Dentures, flippers, partials are all at risk of breaking and mostly do, resulting in repeated dental bills for the same teeth replacement.

Teeth are a life-long nuisance for most humans. How many have false teeth or partials they need to deal with 24/7? Some people learn to live with them, others have them replaced, never again like the originals when healthy.

Unfortunately teeth are subject to all kinds of filth and just as unfortunate is that teeth don’t recover or heal on their own, like other body parts, unless the rot or infection is removed and sealed off. It’s like cooking in a sewer when you have rotted teeth, trying to make something taste good that already tastes bad the second you open your mouth to breathe and eat.

DECAY. It hurts and it is not an appetizing odor with which to pair any kind of food.

In the culinary fields aroma doesn’t fit the person’s rotted tooth perception of food.


Don’t make your elders or youngers without enough teeth to chew and enjoy miss the Party On The Palate.

How many times do THE TOOTHLESS get served mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, oatmeal, applesauce, soft noodles, soft bread, donuts, cakes, french fries, pureed soup, lots of puddings and ice-cream, the dip without the crackers, lots of cheese, lots of soft eggs, milk toast.

How do The Toothless eat pizza? They leave the crust, break off the rest in bits and basically do a lot of swallowing food whole, which is not good for digestion.

NOT ANY MORE. They get what you get. Same thing. THE PARTY ON THE PALATE is for everyone – toothless and toothed. Wow, that tastes good. So hmmm-hmm good. Needs a little more salt in spots. Next time process instead of blend or vice versa? Yeah, next time elevate to a thick custard-style presentation absent the soft bumps. Don’t forget the garnish, chewable by gums. Texture test it.

I’m really enjoying this, thought I’d never savor again. And here I am doing just that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you, love you, love you.

Oh, wait till the big guns get a hold of this one. They’ll feed you from a taste tube without the real deal meal that everyone with teeth gets, making all those savor flavors into one common ‘fits most tastebuds’ category gone awry. That’s where these research food scientists reside – in Awry. It’s a city outside of Science Town USA, or any other country reaching and trimming, abstracting and standardizing your Party On The Palate till nothing but the patio remains. Dead as cement. ‘But look at all those toothless people we made happy’.

Did we though? Sharon gave them life and we turned it into a headstone.

We did not. Headstones are made of cement, not food.

Bring Back BlendIt – Sharon’s way. She knew us; she cared. She counted us in not out.

Bring back Chef Sharon. Animal-Free. We want The Animal-Free Chef. BlendIt Sharon, come on, BlendIt Sharon, just like you usta! Hey, we’ll do our recipes too. But yours! The best in the nest. You cared. It didn’t matter how long it took to figure out or the decades developing the fine and the sublime in bold and now everyone, even The Toothless, can savor the Party On The Palate – all because of you.

People are sick of chewing on and on and on, only to have to swallow a huge chokeable wad, bringing one to the brink of death. Spit it out or die trying to unswallow that wad stuck in your pipe starving you of air and food.

Tom Brady once said that chewing was overrated. I agree again. Still, baby food and smoothies don’t cut it here. We want what everybody else is eating in a form we can savor and swallow without incident.



Make each recipe precisely as instructed. Follow every instruction to the ‘T’ (that means to the letter). In other words, don’t use your own judgement when someone gives you the formulas. That’s how you know I made the recipe. There was no guess work that went into any of my formulas.

The Toothless need to have their joy and eat it too.

I can see Animal-Free BlendIt™ shops all over the world. You want Chef Sharon’s Famous Puttanesca? We have it!! Seat yourself while dinner is prepared. Interested in an appetizer? We have a fine selection for a variety of tastes.

Bring guests. We serve all of our items as cooked or prepared, so if you don’t need or want something blended/processed/chopped, then you get it your way. Pizza? Serve it whole or process a portion for your esteemed toothless guest.

Processed or blended? Tell us the degree of smooth you’re looking for. You’re in charge of the texture. We offer several settings in the blended, processed or hand-chopped categories.

Don’t worry, we blend fruit and veg and nut smoothies too.

Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Sandwich, Entree, Dessert, Breakfast, Beverages





Animal-Free is the only cuisine that blends it better. Ever eat pureed animal flesh and blood – that which is served babies and seniors? They have no teeth. But ever take a taste while feeding either? Then you know what I’m talking about.

Although everything tastes better animal-free, every restaurant now existing on Earth can serve the Toothless People blended/processed or chopped anything on the menu. They already have blenders and processors and knives. So what’s stopping them? Too lazy. They don’t care about The Toothless. “Get some teeth so you can eat the same food out as everyone else” is their collective response, “or eat applesauce”. Now is that any way to treat a customer or a toothless member of a customer’s family?

Most restaurant owners are too much into money scams and not enough into quality service to deserve to be cooking for anyone, when they refuse to accommodate or make comfortable the toothless people, or those who simply don’t want to chew so much.

Did you know that people with neurological disorders shouldn’t chew gum, including people with concussions or those who experience balance problems or dizziness? It’s a logical follow then, that they shouldn’t be chewing anything that takes a lot of repetitive effort.

Those suffering from gastrointestinal problems, especially esophageal, get a smooth ride to the gut when their food is pre-chewed. Plus they get the added benefit of the total dish including the oils, herbs and spices. Who puts herbs and spices in baby food? No one. Why not?

When I was a kid, I noticed Mom putting a little bit of everything on her plate on one forkful. She liked to savor the combination, said it all tastes better that way. Since then I’ve seen most people eat her way. So this toothless site is Pearl’s inspiration for The Animal-Free Chef.

Thanks Ma.

Welcome to my Toothless world,

Chef Sharon, at your service, as always with respect

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